Midarini Midarana Kuroyukihime Online

Midari ni Midara na Kuroyukihime Online, みだりにみだらな黒雪姫 online, 제멋대로에 음란한 쿠로유키히메online
Genres: , , , , Status: Completed Released: 2016 Author: Uzume Type: Manga Serialization: e Young Magazine (Kodansha) Posted On: Updated On:

My name is Touno Touru and I'm in an elite school, even though I'm just a normal person. In this school there is a famous girl named Shirakawa Yukine. As it is above average and is considered unreachable, its nickname is "Snow Peak Flower". But somehow our paths crossed and I discovered something amazing. I found out she is a hardcore gamer named "Radiant Black Princess, Kriemhild" and also a great masochist.

Rating 6.7
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